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Leading the industry with a team of Apexus-certified 340B program experts

With built-in audit tools and reports, a dedicated 340B Compliance and Audit Team, of Apexus Certified Experts (ACE), and experience supporting our customers through almost 200 full HRSA audits, it's no surprise that our customers feel confident they're prepared for an audit. How confident are you?

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Your 340B compliance and audit authority

"Of course, we're fully versed in the legislation, and we use the system every day, but we can have tunnel vision at times, based on what we use and what we need to know. The Sentry team knows the system and the legislation inside and out, and that knowledge was invaluable during the auditor's onsite visit."

"No matter how good you are at navigating the system, finding information and generating reports, it's great to have the Sentry team literally right by your side throughout the process."

"The auditor had already established a level of confidence with Sentry's software and appreciated that a Sentry 340B compliance and audit team member was there to help with our data requests throughout the audit."